Large money center banks are finding new ways to personalize services and products through analytics, taking away the advantages of local market knowledge that regional and local banks have historically held.  Yet, most consumers would still rather work with a bank they know is well rooted in their community—if they can provide the products and service levels of larger institutions.  The barrier to entry for analytics for smaller banks is dropping, with low cost Cloud infrastructure and open-source based solutions opening up the path for these capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Money Laundering and Fraud Detection

Protect your customers and the integrity of the financial system

Elevondata has helped smaller institutions develop AML/Anomaly Detection solutions. The entire infrastructure and platform was developed in the Cloud, for a fraction of the cost of one of the prominent vendor-based AML solutions.  includes the near-real-time ability to detect suspicious activity based on geography, merchant codes, dollar value, and other factors.

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Call Center Optimization

Improve customer satisfaction

For call centers, we can analyze customer conversations and offer near-real-time feedback on sentiment and topicality as well as zero in on service defects.

Omnichannel Marketing

Balance your approach to different Gen X/Y and Baby Boomer needs

Leverage new types of data to streamline investments in branch-based and digital capabilities faster – what do different age groups want? Elevondata combines traditional transaction data with unstructured data - from customer visits to physical and virtual bank locations, from external data such as regional competitor profiles, client social media behaviors, and population demographic data - to enhance analysis.

Increase Collections

Optimize your Operations

Elevondata has helped very large banks understand how to use data science capabilities to get higher yields on Credit Collections, with the same staff, but more accurate targeting.  Who is most likely to pay their outstanding credit, and how will your call effect the overall banking relationship with the customer?