The need for data quality, history, depth and breadth to fuel proper decision making has always been a foundation for the insurance industry.  Elevondata can use a blend of traditional and leading edge disciplines to recommend the correct path forward.

Digital Eyes

The Future of Inspections !

An innovative application that helps insurance companies lower their operational costs and reduce portfolio risks while increasing the quantity and quality of property inspections. With 3 customizable inspection modes, Digital Eyes facilitates shorter cycle times by reducing or eliminating employee travel time and time on-site. This fully integrated application also eliminates the need for data manipulations across multiple devices.

IoT and Insurance

Supporting Insurance Product Innovation

Groundbreaking innovation with IoT devices has offered a new opportunity for right-sized insurance products and services.  Elevondata uses our Big Data frameworks to take in and analyze IoT data as well as how to leverage social media data to allow product innovation and to mitigate insurance risk.

Data Governance and Insurance

Establishing data accountability

The highly distributed nature of data in an Insurance enterprise makes establishing data governance a large challenge.  Elevondata has advised Insurance enterprises on how to establish a data governance roadmap that establishes accountabilities for distributed data and establishes strategies for improving the visibility of data quality.

“We've been able to leverage the expertise of Elevon to support and enhance the value we bring to our customer, and we appreciate the professionalism and promptness of the terrific Elevon team.”

Mark Lopez, COO