Many enterprises use off-the-shelf and custom application platforms to get to business intelligence, and just live with having non-integrated data—shuttling from one platform to another in the course of answering questions.  Elevondata can develop and manage business intelligence and analytic functions for your enterprise, and seamlessly integrate multiple platforms into one information solution.  We can ingest your data, integrate it with publicly available data as needed, integrate dissimilar packages platforms, and provide you with dashboards which allow you to conduct exploratory analysis, then manage the whole platform operationally. 


  • Investment management risk analysis
  • Profitability reporting
  • Audit Robotics
  • Compliance Analysis

Drive more revenue, less risk, and better customer knowledge

You have read all of the hype, and you are ready to take your company down the road to developing advanced analytics to drive more revenue, less risk, and better customer knowledge.  At first review, the barriers to entry seem insurmountable, especially for mid-sized firms who do not have an army of IT professionals and data scientists.  Elevondata offers managed services analytics specifically for this purpose—to remove the barriers to entry and allow you to have the same analytic power of your larger competitors.  Give us the problem and the data, and we will give you back powerful and usable analytics, either in a dashboard for decision making or streaming into your on premise operational systems.