Your company sees the opportunity for higher flexibility and lower cost represented by creating a Big Data repository in the cloud or on premise.  But there are already solutions in place which may overlap with the new solution.  Elevondata can develop a roadmap which allows you to take advantage of newer data approaches and develop a transition plan which mitigates risk while getting you to a better solution as quickly as possible.

New Data Techniques

Take advantage of newer paradigms

  • Lower the cost of data warehousing by using Big Data as a staging area
  • Be able to rapidly respond to changing regulations by keeping data in its original form available in a data lake, online, forever
  • Meet the needs of internal analytic functions by rapidly spooling up cloud-based or internal platforms; Leverage leading edge analyst-centric data integration tools to reduce the backlog
  • Break the old mold of long data management projects by using an agile and incremental approach

Data Integration

How do you leverage your existing data assets?

Platform vendors would want you to believe you can achieve all of your reporting and analytics within their own closed ecosystems.

Most businesses have multiple and disparate platforms, so a vendor-centric approach tends to fall apart very quickly.

Elevondata can help you plan to pull all of your legacy platform data together and create a unified data asset which can transcend your operational vendor platform choices.

Why is data integration important for businesses?

Collecting data from various sources like social media, sales, and websites can give you a lot of useful information about customers. But, if you don't have a good tool to organize and understand all this data, it can be hard and take a lot of time to use it. That's why many businesses don't use their data effectively. To get the most out of your data, you need a way to make it easy to analyze and manage. It's also important to keep your data up-to-date and accurate if you want to stay competitive in your industry.

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