There are opportunities in your data: to predict where you will find your next customer; to understand what a current customer will want next; to perceive where your operational risk lies; how to satisfy a regulatory reporting requirement which cannot be fully anticipated.

Elevondata knows how to leverage the massively parallel capabilities of big data platforms to standardize and make sense of your machine, social media and geospatial data. We know how to use these platforms to dramatically reduce the cost of your data warehouse as well.

Predictive Analytics

You don’t need to have your own big Big Data team

Elevondata knows how to set up predictive analytic infrastructure in the Cloud or in your data center, using the right tool sets and the right resources to get you up and running quickly. So you can focus on advancing your business instead of trying to figure out champion/challenger models, neural net algorithms, or how to properly marshal Hadoop File System processes.  

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Integrating your Big Data with Other Important Data

There is more to Big Data than loading files into a Hadoop cluster

Have you thought about how to integrate your Big Data platform with your existing "little data" ERP, Data Warehouse and Operational platforms?

How will you keep control over all the changes being introduced by new data sources being introduced, business models that the organization becomes dependent on, and the latest tools that need to be integrated, all in an Agile manner?

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Unlock Growth with Expert Big Data Analytics Consulting

Elevondata specializes in Big Data Analytics Consulting, unlocking the full potential of data's power. We excel in amplifying the impact of big data's three crucial aspects: velocity, variety, and volume. Our expertise lies in simplifying predictive analytics, eliminating the need for dedicated big data teams. With Elevondata, setting up predictive analytic infrastructure becomes effortless, allowing you to concentrate on business advancement rather than technical intricacies. Moreover, we seamlessly integrate your Big Data ecosystem with existing ERP, Data Warehouse, and operational platforms, ensuring a cohesive data strategy. As new data sources emerge and business models evolve, our agile approach empowers you to stay in control and leverage the latest tools effectively. Experience the future of data with Elevondata's transformative Big Data Analytics Consulting, where data becomes the catalyst for growth and innovation.