• Handling digital ownership of certificates for varied manufactured components and products
  • Inability to effective date the certificates.
  • Physical marks can be forged.
  • Inability to carry metadata against physical.

Key Features

  • Customer can issue certificates (and marks) to its customers as asset transactions that are efficiently transmitted to the intended recipient and securely stored on the Blockchain.
  • Each certificate can contain a complete image of the certificate and custom fields for important meta data such as: Certificate Number, Report Reference, Issue Date, Recipient, Standards, etc. and is accessible via Dapp (QR Codes) to manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and consumers.
  • Technology used – Multichain 2.0


  • Immutable and forgery proof
  • Increase speed of execution of certification process
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased customer trust
  • Increased security via cryptographic verification