• Tracing the origin, procurement and movement of products in the food supply chain is complex and error prone due to laborious modes of maintaining traditional contracts, paperwork and food identification methods.
  • Buying and selling of food is tracked by paper records and tags on the food products which can often be forged.

Key Features

  • Provenance enables every physical product to come with a digital 'passport' that proves authenticity (is the product what it claims to be ?) and origin (where does this product come from ?) creating an auditable record of the product journey.
  • Blockchain technology enables secure traceability of certifications and other salient enabling all members to track movement in a common, transparent and accessible record, empowering quicker forensics in case of a recall
  • Technology used – Hyperledger


  • Reduced risk
  • Increased visibility into supply chain
  • Empowered consumer at the point of sale about appropriate choices
  • Increased compliance in supply chain