Business Needs

  • Identify top customers and products
  • Improve profitability by patient, referral source, medical equipment

Key Features

  • Ingests data from 3 Hybrid Cloud(s)
  • Activity Based Costing algorithms
  • Telemetry based Analytics (IoT)
  • Managed AWS Cloud optimized for performance and availability at automated cost management


  • Innovation
    • Delivering customer insights, sales insights by reps/territory/customer/referral source/referral location for the first time in the history of this 6 year old DME provider
  • Speed to Value
    • Sales & Marketing Analytics pilot Go-live in 60 days
  • Reduced Total cost of Ownership
    • Zero additional resources to deploy & manage Elevondata Solution
    • Zero dollar license cost other than AWS Compute & Storage – fully Open Source
    • Annual cost dramatically less than on premise infrastructure and existing platforms

Company Background

One of the largest Midwestern regional Durable Medical Equipment providers, this company helps individuals by delivering wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, and respiratory equipment to the homes of those who need this necessary help.  Their complex operation requires handling the set up and guidance necessary and meeting health care standards, as well as managing the logistical challenges of delivering heavy oxygen tanks as needed to their patients and ensuring all patient’s needs are met on a critical and timely basis.

Offering Categories

By Industry
- Digital Healthcare

By Use Case
- Operational Efficiency

- Managed Analytics Services (MAS)
- Managed Cloud Services (IaaS/PaaS)
- DevOps Support
- Data Lake & Warehousing

“We've been able to leverage the expertise of Elevon to support and enhance the value we bring to our customer, and we appreciate the professionalism and promptness of the terrific Elevon team.”

Mark Lopez, COO